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In WANG-derland! – Alexander Wang x H&M Launch Day (A Photo Diary)

Oh H&M Philippines, I knew your coming here spelled trouble. More trouble than any of Taylor Swift’s exes could ever be. Not even a month has passed since that glorious evening and here I am again lining up to get my fill of the latest design collaboration, Alexander Wang x H&M


It all started innocently enough. My sister and I were up late at night chatting and just sharing stories when we got to talking about the most anticipated collab of the year:

Sis: Hey, Check this out * sends a pic of the bottoms she’s been eyeing *

Me: OOOHH I LOVE THEM!!! I wanna see I wanna see the rest!!! * scrolling through H&M’s official website* I love these shades! * send * …and this top!!! *send send! * What if we just went and lined up ano?

Sis: Hahahahaha!!! Why not??? Let’s see what the fuss is all about! Hahahahah!!!

Me: Yeah and we’ll bring snacks and a sleeping bag and camp out it’ll be fun!!! Hahahaha!!

At this point we both thought that the other one was replying in jest so we just kept on adding and adding details to the “plan” and was laughing about how silly it was.

It all seems silly until it starts sounding FUN!

What started as faux plans transformed into serious GAMEPLANS for the launch day! Lord knows how much we hate lining up and we had never done anything like this before but we decided to forge on for the love of fashion, for the love of thrilling experiences and most of all for the love of WANG… Alexander Wang that is! (heads out of the gutter, please!)

Here’s how the day went! :

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Pearls Approved: Kidzville @ SM Aura Premier


Toddlers are notorious for their natural curiosity and boundless energies and my little Pearls is definitely no different.  As a parent you try to keep things fresh and interesting for them but there only so much you can do at home to expend all of that pent up energy save for ricocheting around the room and smashing dishes, but then again there would be soooo much to clean up after!!! (it’s all fun and games until it’s time to clean!)

This is why I’m thankful for kid centered places that allow them to explore and interact and learn via playing!

This last weekend we found ourselves with 3 bubbly kids at home.  Pearly’s cousins were staying over and the Hubster and I got to thinking that we ought to plan something fun for the three tots.  That’s when he remembered coming across this big play place over at SM Aura.  After a little internet sleuthing, I found that it was actually a Kidzville.  I took note of the rates and off to play we went.

Now I know that the idea of a play place may not be novel, but this place was SOMETHING ELSE…

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