Got It From My Momma..and her Momma… and her Momma…

...and MIMIYA!

                    …and MIMIYA! ^_^

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been bombarded by skin and beauty tips by my mom. I even had the displeasure of chugging down those darn pearl powders every night to keep my skin “bright and luminous” like …surprise surprise… a pearl.

One bottle dissolved in water every night... it tasted like chalk @.@

One bottle dissolved in water every night… it tasted like chalk @.@

I never really cared or listened. I was young! What do I need these potions and creams and doohickeys for???

That was, until the teenage acne came. And it came with a VENGEANCE.

we ALL did it. -.-

       C’mon we ALL did it. -.-

It’ll probably sound so superficial of me but it felt like a complete TRAVESTY! I was already struggling with my newly bestowed 5’9 height (at 12years old that can be a scary thing) add a generous sprinkling of acne and you’ve got one SERIOUSLY socially-awkward teen!   Think of a brooding, hunched over teen desperately hiding my height AND my face. Think Edward Cullen, twice as tall and twice as sparkly (from all the oil!)


I am so glad those days are over! (note to any teen suffering the same fate, it too will pass. I swear it! Chin up, Buttercup!)

My mom, thankfully, was always by my side during this ordeal. She took me to the derma religiously after school, and she would remind me of my routine at before going to bed. Instead of lecturing me on what I should do we would have a chat before bedtime in her bathroom and (and I don’t know if this was on purpose or not) I ended up watching and learning her nighttime regimen. I would watch her remove the day’s makeup layer by layer, and put back layers and layers of creams.

What I got from it was that moisture is key in skin care. Yes, Zoolander was right. Moisture IS the essence of beauty! Hydrated skin is a happy skin! We are almost fully made up of water and our skin cells are no different. Lots of things can strip out moisture in our skin, pollution, stress, the airconditioning at work, caffeine, makeup, and a host of other things so you really have to put in an effort to return it as soon as you can!

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time (and moolah… >.< eeps!) building my own nighttime routine around the principle of moisture and at 29 years old I think I’ve come up with a good one so far. Now, it doesn’t include cold cream or Anspili (YET!) but here’s a list of products I’ve found to work for me :

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The Caboodler Haz Arrived!

Hey guys!!! I see you’ve stumbled upon my site!

I guess a little intro is in order… Hi, I’m Steph though I’m known to family as Tippi 🙂 I’m a nurse by profession, fashion and beauty junkie by obsession ^_^ I’m currently a stay at home mom to a spunky 2 year-old girl named Pearls.

My happy little family ^_^

                My happy little family ^_^ 

I’ve set up this little blog as a way of keeping my sanity (because Lord knows you can only take so much toddler channels on YouTube before you go insane, amirite Mommies?) I have so many interests but for the sake of uniformity I’ll try keep them within the realms of fashion and beauty, two things that have been a huge part of my life since I was a little girl. Though please do forgive me if I throw in a little toddler update now and then, I probably won’t be able to help it hehehe ^_^

My kid isn't this loud, but i sure can relate! hahahaha!

She’s not this loud, but i sure can relate! @.@

Like I mentioned, I am a stay at home mom but I’m currently still on the look out for that one job that’ll get my passions flowing till they’re coming out of my ears. Don’t get me wrong, the things I have learned from being a nurse (I was previously employed in one of the country’s top rated hospitals as a NICU nurse 🙂 ) I will forever hold dear in my heart, that’s for sure! But I found myself unsettled and constantly pining for a job as something else.

I guess I should also mention that I am of an unusual build, I tower over most folks at 6 feet. Pretty tall for a woman huh? I felt the need to get that out of the way because I’ve always felt that the realm of fashion and beauty favors mostly the petite especially here in the Philippines. With this blog, I am hoping to add some voice over to the other side of the market spectrum.

"I guess it'll work as a tunic... It IS on sale.."

“I guess it’ll work as a tunic… It IS on sale..”

So, there you have it! I would absolutely love to get to know you guys somehow and sometime! Please don’t be a stranger! Feel free to drop me a comment or mail or whatever ^_^

I hope to see you around!! ^.~V

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