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Bye-ATUS: Return of the Comeback!

YES! I am still alive!!! Oh gosh that was a long break! Can you even call that a break? I think I want to give what I’m about to do a name, I will call it a BYE-ATUS I’m officially saying goodbye to that long @&$ hiatus!



noun bahy·a·tus \ˈbī-ˈā-təs\

Coming back from a very very long hiatus. Return from the void.


Sooooo, it was Valentine’s day here  two days ago but I still want to wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! I hope and pray everyone is chocfull-o-lovin from the holidays! ^0^ Whether or not you agree with the concept of Valentine’s day, one thing is for sure, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE deserves to love and be loved.




To be totally honest, I was really on the brink of totally giving up on writing (or blogging for that matter) because I kept telling myself that I simply had no time. My days are usually filled with all the things that need to be done and my thoughts are racing with all the things I have yet to do that writing just sort of took a back seat. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago when I had a bit of time to just reflect on all the things I have been doing that I realized that I had completely neglected doing anything for myself. That I had let myself take a backseat to everything that I thought I had to do.


For the mommies or daddies out there trying to keep a family up and running, I know you hear me when I say that the time and love we give out to our families and loved ones, we oftentimes forget to give to ourselves as well.


Now, I am in no way promoting that you should just stop doing chores and taking care of your children to chase after your heart’s desires, but what I am saying is that YOU matter as well. Take the time to do something you love. Draw! Take a one-day calligraphy class! Run! Do something for YOU! Send some love your way.


Writing has always been something so close to my heart. It was one way for me to truly express my thoughts. I can be awkward and glib when I talk to people in real life, but when I write I feel like a fish in water. There is a certain freedom in it that that totally exhilarates me and lets me feel FREE. That’s why I thought I’d give myself another shot at it! I may be rusty and crusty but I’m raring to get back on the saddle! Lezzdodizzz!

2016. FIGHT!


Because, hey, if this dude can pick himself up from the shizzstorm he caused, why cant we? 🙂

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