In WANG-derland! – Alexander Wang x H&M Launch Day (A Photo Diary)

Oh H&M Philippines, I knew your coming here spelled trouble. More trouble than any of Taylor Swift’s exes could ever be. Not even a month has passed since that glorious evening and here I am again lining up to get my fill of the latest design collaboration, Alexander Wang x H&M


It all started innocently enough. My sister and I were up late at night chatting and just sharing stories when we got to talking about the most anticipated collab of the year:

Sis: Hey, Check this out * sends a pic of the bottoms she’s been eyeing *

Me: OOOHH I LOVE THEM!!! I wanna see I wanna see the rest!!! * scrolling through H&M’s official website* I love these shades! * send * …and this top!!! *send send! * What if we just went and lined up ano?

Sis: Hahahahaha!!! Why not??? Let’s see what the fuss is all about! Hahahahah!!!

Me: Yeah and we’ll bring snacks and a sleeping bag and camp out it’ll be fun!!! Hahahaha!!

At this point we both thought that the other one was replying in jest so we just kept on adding and adding details to the “plan” and was laughing about how silly it was.

It all seems silly until it starts sounding FUN!

What started as faux plans transformed into serious GAMEPLANS for the launch day! Lord knows how much we hate lining up and we had never done anything like this before but we decided to forge on for the love of fashion, for the love of thrilling experiences and most of all for the love of WANG… Alexander Wang that is! (heads out of the gutter, please!)

Here’s how the day went! :

5 AM: Call time.  My sis works night shifts so the earliest we could possibly meet up was 5 AM.  I fell asleep at around 2 in the morning (from the excitement!) and set my alarm for 4:30am, took a quick bath, prepared coffee for the two of us and off I went.



As expected there was already a sizable line by the side of the building. We later found out we were numbers 60 and 61.

My sister pointed out that everyone was clad in either black or white or gray and we broke the uniformity by being in colorful clothes hahahaha!!! Mental note: next collab, dress accordingly!

We spent a large chunk of the wait time sipping coffee, listening to her Spotify playlists and planning out an attack for when we get inside.  Truth be told it went by really quickly!  It truly helps to be with a sister or a friend (or both! ^_^)

6:30AM : Though I’m guessing most people came prepared with snacks and refreshments to see them through, the good people at H&M still went ahead and handed out water, coconut juice and fit bars to those in line.

DSC_1099 DSC_1101 DSC_1117

Which were stored in THIS BAD BOY:


The most chica cooler evah! Rumored to be stickered by Alexander Wang HIMSELF! hahaha!!:)


This cool guard gamely posed for a pic while he roamed around with reminders and guidelines for the day’s event! (these were the time slots for the different colored bands)

7:20AM: DRAMA!! One of the ladies who fell in line since the night before was heading toward the washroom when she stumbled down and nearly fell head first to the floor! @.@ The staff acted quickly and people from the crowd scrambled to help her. It was a scary few minutes but everyone was relieved to see her stand up and get escorted to the infirmary.

7:40AM: The staff started handing out the bands to people in line.

Sis: I wonder which batch we’ll be in

Me: Wouldn’t it be a bi+c# if we went through all this trouble to come here together and we get different time slots??

H&M Staff: here are your bands…


WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! >…< I called it but I wasn’t happy about it!

We were having separation anxiety issues when the guy behind us joked that we could totally use it to our advantage and hide stuff we wanted for the other one to get! ^_^ We started laughing about it and after that it didn’t seem too bad (PLUS we met a new friend! Hi Austin! Wherever you are!)

7:50AM: The crowd was transferred to the inside of the mall.  This is where we first got a glimpse of the actual items in the display area.  My sister and I both gushed at how it looks so much better in real life and for a minute I was fully convinced that I needed to leave with the long neoprene jacket and the scuba boots… but then I remembered where I lived. (Tropical country, whaddya gonna do? =/)

They awarded the first three people in line with a really special Alexander Wang x H&M backpack with a pull-out chair and the crowd wildly cheered for them as they were given these gifts because, and this is after I’ve experienced waiting inline for only 3 hours,  waiting for more than 12 hours…that is DEDICATION my friends! (though they really could’ve used that for the long wait… or maybe it’s for the next collab!^_^)


Quick sis-selfie with the roaring crowd!


Crowd of WANG-sters dying to get inside and grab their coveted pieces!


I know this is a crappy shot but this display is something else! Simple but big on impact, just like the designs of Alexander Wang

8AM: GO TIME! As the first 20 were escorted into WANG-derland you can almost hear the collective prayers and wishes of the people left outside to wait for their turns:

“Please, leave some for me, leave my size alone”

“Dear God, let them not see the item I want”

It was pretty intense.

While waiting, we decided to have our pics taken at the photobooth set up at the side of the store.  Everyone was petrified with anticipation so we were the first ones to have our pic taken.


8:50-9:00 MY TIMESLOT.  Sister dear and I got separated once their batch went in so I was left chatting it up with our new found friend Austin.  When it came time for us to enter, the atmosphere changed from lighthearted chitchat to determined strategizing.  Craning our necks, we tried to spot where the items were located.  My sister knew the items I had hoped to buy and was pointing them out to me one by one.  Unfortunately, by the time our batch came in 2 of the 4 things I wanted were already fresh out

Processed with Moldiv

The shades and the huge belt got sold out really quickly!!! But I still got the dress and the bag. Two out of four is still a WIN in my book! ^_^


My very blurry pic of the space where they displayed the goods. (sorry about that!)

10 minutes might not seem like a lot of time but I went into the pit knowing what I wanted and where to find them so I was basically done after 30 seconds of being let in.  I rummaged through the items hoping to be able to spot a rogue pair of sunnies or perhaps the belt but no dice 😦

After my conquests were obtained, I lingered around a bit and thumbed through the different pieces available. How I wish I had the body for the bodycon dresses and the moolah for all the coats and shoes but I had to stick to my guns (and budget) so I took one more long look at the happy frenzy going on, happy with what I have in my shopping bag and I left the enclosed area.


Spoils of war! They gave away the hanger that came with the clothes and a free drawstring bag that can be turned into a backpack.


Love this. The dress and this hanger will never be apart.


We passed by the store after having a hearty lunch and there were still people lined up waiting to have a go at the collection. I later found out that they extended the exclusive shopping times since a lot more people showed up.


Looks like someone really liked what I bought! ^_^

It was truly an experience for the books.  I took home a ton of things that day, but THIS is by far my most favorite:


* ^_^ *



My Pearls and my sis’ Stella-boo. Sisters from Sisters. ^_^

UPDATE: As of November 9,2014 not a single item of the collection left in H&M Megamall @.@ Even the display items were no longer there!!!  Sold like hotcakes!! @.@’

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