Mommy Time: Kracie Poppin’ Cookin’ Sushi

When the little one has drifted off to sleep and the Mister (“Hubster”  got a thumbs down so he will have different names until we find one that’s just right hahaha!) is snoring soundly, this Mama tiptoes into her dresser for some “mom-ME time” ^_^ I could be doing the most mundane of things, watching my shows, re-segregating my makeup/clothes, painting (and re-painting) my nails it really doesn’t matter.  There are just some days when I feel like I need to stop and do something for myself.

So one night while the two were snoozing away, I decided to finally take a crack at doing this DIY gummy candy Kracie Poppin’ Cookin’ Sushi Set!!


A couple of years back I came across thisYouTube vlogger RRCherrypie who would make these beautiful miniature things that look like food (sometimes they are the inedible kind) and I would watch video after video mesmerized and in awe at how skillful and detailed she was while working on them… I would be like: @.@ <-THIS the whole time i watched.

When the family headed to Japan last December I saw them during a grocery run and proceeded to hoard a couple of boxes to bring home to my nieces and nephews…and also one for myself ^_^  It sat untouched for a couple of months because I kept waiting for a special time to do it.  Well, I finally decided that mom-ME time IS a special time and just up and said “it is TIME”

(also, the expiry date on the box is October 30, 2014 @.@ I can’t let it go to waste!!!)

So behold Ladies and Gents! My own little sushi creation!!! ^_^


All the tools included in the kit! ^_^ The plastic bit it came in was also used as “seaweed” guide “rice” guide and pretend sushi plates!!! Kawaiii~


A shot of the “rice” “maguro” (tuna) and “tamago” (egg) setting ^_^

I took a video of my favorite part, and that was the making of the “salmon roe” for the Ikura sushi! You basically take some of the orange stuff down there at the lower left corner and slowly drip them into the upper left solution! These tasted the BEST IMHO and so fun to make!!!

So, without further ado, here are the finished products!!!


They really do look like the real thing don’t they? ITADAKIMASU~


IKURA SUSHI – I struggled with the “seaweed” taffy a smidge, I couldn’t get the proportions right on the wrap @.@ But this was the tastiest of the bunch ^_^


TAMAGO (lemon jelly) and MAGURO (berry jelly) SUSHI – These were fairly easy to make! Just mix, wait, cut and serve! I decided to spruce up the Tamago ones with a small seaweed wrap 🙂

I had to eat most of them since the “seaweed” taffy was melting all over the place (warm climate, whaddya gonna do?) but I left one Maguro sushi for the Hub-bub to try out and he took a beautiful photo before scarfing it down…


Dramatic shot!

To me they all tasted fine but the husband and I agree that there is something with the texture that’s just the teeniest bit off ^_^  Again I loved the “roe” and found they have a nice POP to them while you’re eating them.

Will most definitely hoard more the next time I see them.  Hopefully Pearls would be onboard with making them together next time!! ^_^

Edit:  I’ve had a couple of people asking me where to buy this in Manila, and though this particular one i used wasn’t bought here, I think you can find more of these sets at this nifty online store Funchomp

Here is a link to their official Facebook account: Funchomp Manila

Have fun!!! ^_^/

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