Unsolicited Beauty Advice: Laneige BB Cushion

My best friend is getting married you see, (actually TWO of them are! Crazy number of weddings in the months to come~ ^_^) and one day she took me to her entourage couturier to pick out a dress design. The designer and I got to talking and my best friend mentioned how makeup crazy I get.  A really big “OH MY GOSH, ME TOO” escaped her lips and I guess she felt kindredness toward me as I felt toward her (makeup junkies UNITE!!)  so she told me all about the Laneige BB Cushion and how good it was for her and how nice it made her skin look.


Who doesn’t want to look as GORGEOUS as this lady???

Live testimonials like these are extremely rare for me and I take it to HEART!  For a woman to spill the beans on her beauty secrets, especially to someone she just met, that tells me that she whole heartedly believes in this product that she’s gushing about! 🙂

I kept wanting to pay the local Laneige counters a visit but lately the traffic has been HORRENDOUS to say the least, and I couldn’t find the time to seek them out.  It was very timely that my dearest cousin had a trip to Korea lined up and I begged and pleaded sweetly asked if she could by some chance pick one up for me.  Long story short she pulled through for me (SUPER THANK YOU AGAIN FLOOJ!^___^) and I now have in my hands a Laneige BB Cushion #21 shade AND it’s in a limited edition Laneige X pushBUTTON compact too!!!


I’ve been road testing this baby for a week now. Click click if you want to see how it’s been going!!! ^_^

BUT FIRST! Can I just show you how pretty the compact is??? Because it is PURDY!!!


The box contains the pretty compact and includes one extra refill ^_^


How GORGE is that leopard print with doggies?? ^0^




The sponge is very dense and picks up ample product without absorbing too much. I imagine it’s very similar to the texture of the famous Beauty Blender.


Where you dab dab dab 🙂 Fun way of applying BB cream if you ask me ^_^

I’m a big fan of BB creams because of the multitude of things they offer.  SPF, moisture, coverage… I can wear it alone in a pinch! (I loves me my multi-taskers!!) I’ve gone through FOUR different brands so far and I can safely say that this Laneige one is my favorite.  It’s lighter than most, easy to apply, ok to wear alone AND they offer a wider array of shades than the others.

Here are some before and after shots of me wearing it.  These were taken indoors and I wasn’t wearing anything on my face so yes, I will look a tad ghastly but I just wanted to show you how a light coverage already makes all the difference


BEFORE= not a stitch of makeup. (My Halloween contribution to you guys!! hahahah!!) I have visible pores and pock marks (from being a naughty child and scratching my face when I was told not to @.@) Dark under eye area and uneven skin in general


AFTER = still ghastly, but with less visible pores, even skin tone, and very slightly lighter undereye area. Take note this can be built up to medium coverage!! 🙂 

And a little more closer…


BEFORE = My pores are a seriously big issue for me so I need something that can patch those up quick @.@’ you can see a number of blemishes here


AFTER = again, I did a very light application here but already you can see the skin looks more even and the pores less visible ^_^

In conclusion: Take this as my unsolicited advice to you guys! This is the best BB cream I’ve ever tried. It is really worth every cent it and I’m very certain you’d be singing its praises to other people as well!  ^_^

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