Target Acquired! : Altuzarra for Target

The first time I truly got wind of designer collaborations with fast fashion houses was way back in 2010 when Target teamed up with the British bag and accessories brand Mulberry.  They released these insanely beautiful pieces that compromised none of the brand’s signature aesthetic and I COULD NOT stop lemming over them.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able get my hands on any of them because overseas shopping at that time wasn’t as easily done as today, not to mention that Target used to only accept US issued credit cards.  I wasn’t able to get my Mulberry for Target but I sure tuned into every collaboration they’ve had since.

When the pictures from the Altuzarra for Target lookbook started surfacing I immediately made a long list of conquests in my head!  The classy, timeless cuts of the pieces looked appropriate enough to be worn in the office but had the potential to be turned into date-night outfits.  I didn’t love EVERYTHING but there were a couple I absolutely ADORED!!!  Here are my top picks from the collab:

1. Altuzarra for Target Tailored Dress with Crane Embroidery- Black


I love the opposing statements of this dress.  The tailored top says “official” while the bottom slit says “let’s play” My top pick of the whole lot ^_^

2. Altuzarra for Target Maxi Dress Satin Floral- Black


I think all the tall ladies are with me when I say “Maxi dresses?? We GOT DIS!” This is something we can definitely ROCK!  Not saying that the more petite of the populace can’t wear them but… We make em look good! hahahahaha!!!! I’m so sorry petite guys! You have tons of other things you can wear! Just let me have this! ^____^

3. Altuzarra for Target Sweater with Crane Embroidery- Black


In line with my commitment to convert my pre-existing printy, colorful clothes into solid, neutral colors and classic pieces, I’ve been leaning toward more pieces that have a quiet oomph to them.  I love the crane design and just really adore it styled as an off-shoulder sweater.

4. Altuzarra for Target Python Pencil Skirt- Natural


I believe that there should be some consideration when wearing animal print.  The color and cut play a big factor in how you want to be perceived.  Neutral toned and good tailoring equals classy and respectable. Oh, and it has that darned gorgeous slit as well!!! This to me seems like a definite keeper.

5. Altuzarra for Target Button Down Dress- Light Blue/White/Natural


I really like this piece because it challenges you to find ways to style it differently each time you wear it.  Though if you’re a lazy butt like me you’d probably be a-ok with wearing it as is 🙂

6. Altuzarra for Target Satin Orchid Print Oxford Shirt- Navy


I KNOW I said no more prints but how pretty is that orchid??? And in NAVY with white accents??? I’m smitten.  Nowadays I’m all about wearing blue and white together.  There’s just something really classy and fresh about the color combination.

This collaboration doesn’t seem to be selling as fast as the previous ones which gives me so much hope that some of them would be put on sale.  Me and my wallet are going to have a problem if that happens. @.@

Sigh… so many pretty pieces, still on a shopping ban.  Good thing window shopping is always free!!!

Love it? Hate it? Also waiting for it to go on sale? Lemme know your thoughts! ^_^

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