Pearls Approved: Kidzville @ SM Aura Premier


Toddlers are notorious for their natural curiosity and boundless energies and my little Pearls is definitely no different.  As a parent you try to keep things fresh and interesting for them but there only so much you can do at home to expend all of that pent up energy save for ricocheting around the room and smashing dishes, but then again there would be soooo much to clean up after!!! (it’s all fun and games until it’s time to clean!)

This is why I’m thankful for kid centered places that allow them to explore and interact and learn via playing!

This last weekend we found ourselves with 3 bubbly kids at home.  Pearly’s cousins were staying over and the Hubster and I got to thinking that we ought to plan something fun for the three tots.  That’s when he remembered coming across this big play place over at SM Aura.  After a little internet sleuthing, I found that it was actually a Kidzville.  I took note of the rates and off to play we went.

Now I know that the idea of a play place may not be novel, but this place was SOMETHING ELSE…


Security choo-choo



From outside, you could see this huge ball pit with a huge aircraft/blimp in the middle!  Apparently, the sides had running water and the kids would try to throw the plastic balls directly into it so it ran around.  (does that make sense?)  Also, I could see a little tractor deep inside with the kids moving it back and forth, honking the horn and even lifting the crane up and down! And these were the only things I COULD see!  It went in deep so I assume there’s so much more things to do inside!!

I would totally go nutso if I were a kid!  Heck, I’m nutso for it right now!

I was only able to take a quick snap of Pearls (before she too ran off) because the two boys were having such a blast inside!

Here she is having a grand time with the foot piano!

Here she is having a grand time with the “foot piano” (its not actually named that I just don’t know what its called@.@)

As a parent,  the thing that stood out to me was how CLEAN it was!  I know it wouldn’t be 100% clean and I am one of those parents who feel like a little dirt is good for kids every now and then, but this place didn’t smell or look sticky at all!  You know how some places give off that unsanitary vibe? this wasn’t one of them.

Also, and this is huge for me, the security feature they have is FANTASTIC.  The trains in front are actually the security staff.  Whenever you sign your kid up and you are leaving them with a guardian or yaya, they take a quick snapshot of the child AND the person enrolling them.  This is to ensure that whoever picks them up after is the same as the one who dropped them off.

Here are snaps I took of the rates and rules.  I found the info extremely handy when i found it online before heading there so I thought to share it as well!

SOCKS FOR ALL WHO WILL ENTER! Do not forget!! ^_^

SOCKS FOR ALL WHO ENTER! Do not forget!! ^_^



Needless to say the kids had a blast!! Here’s the three just before heading home:


JP, JJ and Pearls! ^_^

P.S. They were fast asleep even before we got out of the parking building! ^_^  Nothing better than happy kids sleeping peacefully!

Kidzville Play and Party Center
4/F The Podium Mall, Mandaluyong
Tel. no. (02) 632-7784 Mobile no. 0917-844-5439


Basement 1, South Entrance SM Aura Premier, Taguig
Tel. no. (02) 556-7934

Or visit their Facebook Page: Kidzville Play and Party Center

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