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Mommy Time: Kracie Poppin’ Cookin’ Sushi

When the little one has drifted off to sleep and the Mister (“Hubster”  got a thumbs down so he will have different names until we find one that’s just right hahaha!) is snoring soundly, this Mama tiptoes into her dresser for some “mom-ME time” ^_^ I could be doing the most mundane of things, watching my shows, re-segregating my makeup/clothes, painting (and re-painting) my nails it really doesn’t matter.  There are just some days when I feel like I need to stop and do something for myself.

So one night while the two were snoozing away, I decided to finally take a crack at doing this DIY gummy candy Kracie Poppin’ Cookin’ Sushi Set!!


A couple of years back I came across thisYouTube vlogger RRCherrypie who would make these beautiful miniature things that look like food (sometimes they are the inedible kind) and I would watch video after video mesmerized and in awe at how skillful and detailed she was while working on them… I would be like: @.@ <-THIS the whole time i watched.

When the family headed to Japan last December I saw them during a grocery run and proceeded to hoard a couple of boxes to bring home to my nieces and nephews…and also one for myself ^_^  It sat untouched for a couple of months because I kept waiting for a special time to do it.  Well, I finally decided that mom-ME time IS a special time and just up and said “it is TIME”

(also, the expiry date on the box is October 30, 2014 @.@ I can’t let it go to waste!!!)

So behold Ladies and Gents! My own little sushi creation!!! ^_^

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Unsolicited Beauty Advice: Laneige BB Cushion

My best friend is getting married you see, (actually TWO of them are! Crazy number of weddings in the months to come~ ^_^) and one day she took me to her entourage couturier to pick out a dress design. The designer and I got to talking and my best friend mentioned how makeup crazy I get.  A really big “OH MY GOSH, ME TOO” escaped her lips and I guess she felt kindredness toward me as I felt toward her (makeup junkies UNITE!!)  so she told me all about the Laneige BB Cushion and how good it was for her and how nice it made her skin look.


Who doesn’t want to look as GORGEOUS as this lady???

Live testimonials like these are extremely rare for me and I take it to HEART!  For a woman to spill the beans on her beauty secrets, especially to someone she just met, that tells me that she whole heartedly believes in this product that she’s gushing about! 🙂

I kept wanting to pay the local Laneige counters a visit but lately the traffic has been HORRENDOUS to say the least, and I couldn’t find the time to seek them out.  It was very timely that my dearest cousin had a trip to Korea lined up and I begged and pleaded sweetly asked if she could by some chance pick one up for me.  Long story short she pulled through for me (SUPER THANK YOU AGAIN FLOOJ!^___^) and I now have in my hands a Laneige BB Cushion #21 shade AND it’s in a limited edition Laneige X pushBUTTON compact too!!!


I’ve been road testing this baby for a week now. Click click if you want to see how it’s been going!!! ^_^

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Shopping at the H&M VIP Launch Party!

Check out what made my final cut!! ^_^

Check out what made my final cut!! ^_^

Just a few more hours left until the official opening of H&M Philippines at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall! Already I see pics of the growing line of eager shoppers patiently waiting outside Megamall all over my Facebook and Instagram feed! ^_^  I can totally feel the excitement and anticipation growing as the clock counts down!

Today , I thought I’d share my personal experience and shopping picks from the launch!  I’m certain everyone is trying to get all the info they can so they can be prepared and I hope this helps those who are planning to brave the first day of opening!

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Shop Spotlight: H&M @ SM Megamall (What’s In Store???)

h&m opening DSC_0141

After years of wanting, months and months of anticipation , we are now near the finish line.  I’m talking about the much awaited grand opening of H&M Philippines!!!

Tick Tick all you wonderful "fasyion" folks!!

Tick Tick all you wonderful “fasyion” folks!!

Yes, the excitement has reached fever pitch as we crawl through the final 2-ish days until they finally open. With the darn clock in front of SM Megamall slowly ticking down,  I know everyone just can’t wait to set foot into the 3-floor fashion wonderland!

Today was super special for me as I was fortunate enough to be one of the first to scour the shelves of H&M!

GAAAAHHHH!!!! HUGE right???^_^

Like I’ve mentioned before, my sis-in-law is renowned in the fashion and beauty world and she most generously let her influence trickle down onto this overly excited fangirl and scored a spot for me and my mom-in-law to the VIP launch!

Guys, I believe in paying it forward.  My gain is YOUR gain!!! I took lots of pics for you so you can plan your attack on when you decide to visit the store!

Can’t wait any longer??? Here are just some of the things you can expect from H&M Philippines (PICTURE HEAVY!!):

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My love affair with nail polish dates waaaaay back to when I was around 8/9 years old.  My tutor then would reward us for perfect quizzes and the prize up for grabs were these teeny tiny nail tattoos.  I remember asking her how it worked and she explained that you simply put it on your nail like any sticker and glop on some top coat and voila! The concept intrigued and delighted me so much that upon buying the topcoat I bought a couple of different colors that went with the stickers.

Little did I know I just got my first lesson on nail art. ^_^

Needless to say I was HOOKED.  I loved looking at my pretty colorful nails and had planned to show them off at school that Monday, but alas, my father gently reminded me that they were not allowed in school and I had to take them off.

It’s a sad thing to not be able to do something you love.  I couldn’t wear nail polish during Nursing school and I couldn’t wear it as a nurse (babies are delicate and it minimizes the risk of exposing them to germs or chemicals) Though I kept acquiring them and admiring my little collection.

Now that I no longer have work or rules to live by…


Long story short, ladies and gents, I now present my blog feature “Nail Files” where I swatch and review ALL the polish!!!!! ^_____^

Please do forgive my crappy application and visible streaks as I’ve only started to apply polish on myself.  I promise you I will practice as much as I can to make the swatches more pleasant to look at.  But I WILL give my honest unbiased review!!! 🙂

First up is from the Orly “Once Upon A Time” collection.  It is a gorgeous gorgeous green creme that is perfect for Fall… This is Orly’s Enchanted Forest!!

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Target Acquired! : Altuzarra for Target

The first time I truly got wind of designer collaborations with fast fashion houses was way back in 2010 when Target teamed up with the British bag and accessories brand Mulberry.  They released these insanely beautiful pieces that compromised none of the brand’s signature aesthetic and I COULD NOT stop lemming over them.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able get my hands on any of them because overseas shopping at that time wasn’t as easily done as today, not to mention that Target used to only accept US issued credit cards.  I wasn’t able to get my Mulberry for Target but I sure tuned into every collaboration they’ve had since.

When the pictures from the Altuzarra for Target lookbook started surfacing I immediately made a long list of conquests in my head!  The classy, timeless cuts of the pieces looked appropriate enough to be worn in the office but had the potential to be turned into date-night outfits.  I didn’t love EVERYTHING but there were a couple I absolutely ADORED!!!  Here are my top picks from the collab: Continue reading

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Pearls Approved: Kidzville @ SM Aura Premier


Toddlers are notorious for their natural curiosity and boundless energies and my little Pearls is definitely no different.  As a parent you try to keep things fresh and interesting for them but there only so much you can do at home to expend all of that pent up energy save for ricocheting around the room and smashing dishes, but then again there would be soooo much to clean up after!!! (it’s all fun and games until it’s time to clean!)

This is why I’m thankful for kid centered places that allow them to explore and interact and learn via playing!

This last weekend we found ourselves with 3 bubbly kids at home.  Pearly’s cousins were staying over and the Hubster and I got to thinking that we ought to plan something fun for the three tots.  That’s when he remembered coming across this big play place over at SM Aura.  After a little internet sleuthing, I found that it was actually a Kidzville.  I took note of the rates and off to play we went.

Now I know that the idea of a play place may not be novel, but this place was SOMETHING ELSE…

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Shop Spotlight: Spanish Sophistication with (Sfera) @ SM Makati

the newly opened Spanish  fashion brand Sfera at SM Makati

The  powerhouse fashion brand from Spain is here in the Philippines!!!

News of this Spanish brands’s launching made waves all ’round the social media sites last week and I can clearly see why.  With clean lines and a crisp atmosphere, ( Sfera ) appears to be a new haven for all savvy shoppers in Manila.  The first ever branch in the Philippines (and in Asia! how cool is that???) opened it’s doors last September 30 at Makati’s budding fashion hub in SM Makati.  Located on the 2nd floor, a wide, inviting frontage like this would be pretty hard to miss.

Little Pearls was tuckered out from all the playing she did with her cousins earlier that day so the Hubster and I snuck out to do some chores.   Luckily, the normally busy streets of Manila was unusually clear this Monday (it being a holiday and all!) so I was able to request that we do our grocery shopping over at SM Makati (he kind of knew I had an ulterior motive but he was only too happy that there was hardly any traffic so he let me have my fun hehehe!)

Now, I had just done quite a bit of shopping the past few weeks and put myself in a mandatory shopping ban for the time being but HOO BOY I probably would’ve done some damage if took home all the nice pieces I found! Check them out!

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Got It From My Momma..and her Momma… and her Momma…

...and MIMIYA!

                    …and MIMIYA! ^_^

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been bombarded by skin and beauty tips by my mom. I even had the displeasure of chugging down those darn pearl powders every night to keep my skin “bright and luminous” like …surprise surprise… a pearl.

One bottle dissolved in water every night... it tasted like chalk @.@

One bottle dissolved in water every night… it tasted like chalk @.@

I never really cared or listened. I was young! What do I need these potions and creams and doohickeys for???

That was, until the teenage acne came. And it came with a VENGEANCE.

we ALL did it. -.-

       C’mon we ALL did it. -.-

It’ll probably sound so superficial of me but it felt like a complete TRAVESTY! I was already struggling with my newly bestowed 5’9 height (at 12years old that can be a scary thing) add a generous sprinkling of acne and you’ve got one SERIOUSLY socially-awkward teen!   Think of a brooding, hunched over teen desperately hiding my height AND my face. Think Edward Cullen, twice as tall and twice as sparkly (from all the oil!)


I am so glad those days are over! (note to any teen suffering the same fate, it too will pass. I swear it! Chin up, Buttercup!)

My mom, thankfully, was always by my side during this ordeal. She took me to the derma religiously after school, and she would remind me of my routine at before going to bed. Instead of lecturing me on what I should do we would have a chat before bedtime in her bathroom and (and I don’t know if this was on purpose or not) I ended up watching and learning her nighttime regimen. I would watch her remove the day’s makeup layer by layer, and put back layers and layers of creams.

What I got from it was that moisture is key in skin care. Yes, Zoolander was right. Moisture IS the essence of beauty! Hydrated skin is a happy skin! We are almost fully made up of water and our skin cells are no different. Lots of things can strip out moisture in our skin, pollution, stress, the airconditioning at work, caffeine, makeup, and a host of other things so you really have to put in an effort to return it as soon as you can!

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time (and moolah… >.< eeps!) building my own nighttime routine around the principle of moisture and at 29 years old I think I’ve come up with a good one so far. Now, it doesn’t include cold cream or Anspili (YET!) but here’s a list of products I’ve found to work for me :

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The Caboodler Haz Arrived!

Hey guys!!! I see you’ve stumbled upon my site!

I guess a little intro is in order… Hi, I’m Steph though I’m known to family as Tippi 🙂 I’m a nurse by profession, fashion and beauty junkie by obsession ^_^ I’m currently a stay at home mom to a spunky 2 year-old girl named Pearls.

My happy little family ^_^

                My happy little family ^_^ 

I’ve set up this little blog as a way of keeping my sanity (because Lord knows you can only take so much toddler channels on YouTube before you go insane, amirite Mommies?) I have so many interests but for the sake of uniformity I’ll try keep them within the realms of fashion and beauty, two things that have been a huge part of my life since I was a little girl. Though please do forgive me if I throw in a little toddler update now and then, I probably won’t be able to help it hehehe ^_^

My kid isn't this loud, but i sure can relate! hahahaha!

She’s not this loud, but i sure can relate! @.@

Like I mentioned, I am a stay at home mom but I’m currently still on the look out for that one job that’ll get my passions flowing till they’re coming out of my ears. Don’t get me wrong, the things I have learned from being a nurse (I was previously employed in one of the country’s top rated hospitals as a NICU nurse 🙂 ) I will forever hold dear in my heart, that’s for sure! But I found myself unsettled and constantly pining for a job as something else.

I guess I should also mention that I am of an unusual build, I tower over most folks at 6 feet. Pretty tall for a woman huh? I felt the need to get that out of the way because I’ve always felt that the realm of fashion and beauty favors mostly the petite especially here in the Philippines. With this blog, I am hoping to add some voice over to the other side of the market spectrum.

"I guess it'll work as a tunic... It IS on sale.."

“I guess it’ll work as a tunic… It IS on sale..”

So, there you have it! I would absolutely love to get to know you guys somehow and sometime! Please don’t be a stranger! Feel free to drop me a comment or mail or whatever ^_^

I hope to see you around!! ^.~V

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